How To Have Freedom From The Devil

I have lived in a state of division for much of my life. I kind of believed and trusted God and I kind of didn’t believe any of it. I kept one foot in the world and one skeptical foot in my faith for Jesus. If Satan can get us to take even the slightest amount of focus off of God, he can start dividing our minds, hearts, and beliefs.

I tend to write about escaping the enemy because he held me captive for so many years; more than 35. In this time, I dealt with alcoholism, sexual immorality, depression, suicide thoughts and attempts, as well as a whole host of poor stewardship practices for the things that I’ve been given; especially, in parenting and with my finances.

I write many articles about how the enemy works against us and how he is always there trying to take us down. I do my best to shed some light on him because he is just that clever that he confuses the masses. Gaining freedom from the devil’s attacks and schemes is very possible for anyone. But it takes a shift in faith and allegiance.

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The enemy is quite predictable and goes after many of the same things for each of us; family relationships, intimate relationships, parent-child relationships, friendships, our personal image, our finances, our health, our government, our schools, our society, and even, our churches.

What he does is he sneaks in through open doorways and windows and starts dividing. Satan is all about division; division of society, division of families and husbands and wives and children, and especially, division of churches.

As you learn how to overcome the devil and grow closer to God, you will want to be mindful of what you watch or listen to on TV, radio or even YouTube. There’s a new Christian streaming service you may be interested in with a big sale right now.

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Society carries a divided mind

As each day progresses, it seems like Christianity is getting further away from it’s intended orientation. The enemy has made his way into the church and there are fewer churches each day preaching the True Gospel of Christ.

Again, Satan is okay with us going to church as long as Jesus isn’t being preached. As long as there is sin in the church, the enemy is okay with this. Not sure about that statement? Just look at how the government is treating the churches who stand behind the original family and Christian values; those being: traditional marriages between man and woman only and no sex before, as well as, no abortions, as well as, Jesus is the only way to Heaven.

The government see’s this as hate and non-acceptance and often says they will cut funding to any schools and churches who maintain this teaching. Government buildings all over are taking down remnants of the Christian faith such as the Lord’s Prayer and images of crosses, the 10 Commandments and virtually, anything Jesus.

This is Satan’s work and it isn’t hidden anymore. This is pushing God’s buttons and there is a time that is upon us where we will start seeing God move towards discipline and punishment, just like he did in the days of Noah.

As the government moves towards a one-world viewpoint, we can be sure that the teachings in churches, schools, and other institutions will follow suit. God is all about a one-world religion: the full belief and adherence to the teachings of the True Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Guys like me who have these viewpoints will soon be shut down and shut up, but God will keep spreading the Word. Satan hates the Word of God and is doing all he can to turn the mind of society away from it.

Satan only has the power we give him

Luke 10:19
“Behold, I give you the authority to trample on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy, and nothing shall by any means hurt you.”

When Jesus was crucified on the cross and raised up three days later, He then took back all power, authority, and dominion from Satan. Let me say that again.

“When Jesus was crucified on the cross and raised up three days later, He then took back all power, authority, and dominion from Satan.” Click To Tweet

This was the exchange He made for His life. The only issue here is that if we don’t know this or aren’t taught this, we won’t know that Satan doesn’t have any real power in our lives.

He will keep pressing us and breaking us down because we will keep giving him that power and authority to do so. He won’t remind us that he lost this power over us. He is a deceiver and he will destroy us in any way he can.

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People who turn to Christ, learn the Word, and figure out that they receive the power of Christ when they accept Him, are people who no longer believe the lies of the enemy. God opens their eyes to what the enemy is doing, and He gives them the strength to stay true to Jesus, without being divided in any form (Philippians 4:13).

Sometimes it takes a near-death situation, or even continuous bad circumstances before we realize that we have a need for Jesus. But God knows exactly who is going to turn to Him. He will keep pressing that person and prompting that person to turn to Him. There are people among us right now who have the hate of Satan in their heart towards God. It’s these people who will destroy our society and push Satan’s agenda. But you know what’s interesting? Sometimes out of nowhere, these harsh individuals make a decision for Christ and gain Life.

We must keep praying for our governments and schools and churches and families, no matter how bad or corrupt they seem. It’s God who has the final say of who gets saved and who gets Life. Remember; it’s God who has the power, the authority, the dominion, and the Victory!

What to do when Satan is attacking you in thought and even if physically

Because we are all called to become children of God, we can all turn to Him in a moment’s notice and accept Jesus. We do this by simply asking Jesus to come and live in us, to forgive us of our sins, and to be our Lord and Savior. When we believe in Jesus, and as soon as we do, we are given the Holy Spirit in us as our Helper. This is God the Holy Spirit.

If Satan has been given authority in your life to virtually destroy you in mind and body, you can now kick him out. If you accept Christ and believe, you can say to Satan; “I command you to leave me now in the Name of Jesus Christ my Lord.” Satan must obey God. As long as God’s Spirit is in you, you have the same authority and power as Jesus does.

I want you to know, new believers especially, that the enemy will keep coming and trying to attack you. The more you move towards God and away from the devil, the more he has to lose and the more he will come after you. This is not a scare tactic. This is called spiritual warfare and it is happening to believers everywhere.

The difference is, as we learn, spend time in the bible, and grow our relationship with Jesus, we mature. We learn how much power there truly is in the Word of God, which is also known as the Sword of the Spirit. This is the main tool, along with faith, that we use against Satan’s attacks on us.

It’s really as simple as this; “Get thee behind me, Satan!”

This is Satan’s fear: that people learn about who they truly are when they are children of God and what blessings and rewards they receive; especially, Eternal Salvation in the Kingdom of God. Satan is looking to a long eternity in the lake of fire. This is why he longs for us to go with him. Not because he wants company, but because he wants us to suffer and be eternally tormented just like him.

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I wish I could just write nice articles about blessings and miracles, but God hasn’t called me to that. Instead, I go to God in prayer before writing any article and pray that He will guide my fingers and thoughts as I type. I believe that God wants everyone to know that there will be a time to enjoy blessings and miracles, but right now, there is imminent danger to the souls of many as Satan is working overtime to corrupt, divide, and destroy.

So, I will continue to be obedient to the Lord when I write, even though I know that it probably won’t win me any popularity contests. Look at the Apostle Paul, and perhaps all of the disciples; they weren’t very popular among men, but only among God. Well, I encourage you to seek God and strive to be obedient to Him, because your true rewards lie in Heaven; not in the mind of man.

Colossians 3:23-24
“And whatever you do, do it heartily, as to the Lord and not to men, knowing that from the Lord you will receive the reward of the inheritance; for[a] you serve the Lord Christ.”

If you don’t have a relationship with Jesus, you can follow this link (Prayer for Salvation) to find out how. Also, if you need prayer for your life or your family, click here to send in your prayer request. My wife and I would love to pray for you.

Take care!

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