God Is A Solid Rock For Us To Stand On

Man standing on stable ground on the mountain looking at a sunrise. God is the stable ground for which we can stand on.

Psalm 18:30-36
“As for God, His way is perfect;
The word of the Lord is [a]proven;
He is a shield to all who trust in Him.

For who is God, except the Lord?
And who is a rock, except our God?

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It is God who arms me with strength,
And makes my way perfect.

He makes my feet like the feet of deer,
And sets me on my high places.

He teaches my hands to make war,
So that my arms can bend a bow of bronze.

You have also given me the shield of Your salvation;
Your right hand has held me up,
Your gentleness has made me great.

You enlarged my path under me,
So my feet did not slip.”

If there is anything uncertain in our life, it’s life itself. Every day is a surprise for many. Sure, we leave our homes and head to work or school assuming another typical day. And, for most, this is how it goes. But what isn’t typical is how the spiritual battle will go. There is something called spiritual warfare that is going on, and it goes on right inside us.

The fight, not a fight of flesh, is between good and evil. God wants us to Live and the devil wants us to die. This fight happens in everyone; even non-believers. The only difference for them is that they don’t have God to side with. So, they effectively are vulnerable to the attacks of Satan, the devil.

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Of course, this information is repetitive to those who already know this or have read other articles of mine, but this is a serious matter; one that many people don’t take seriously. And, the biggest issue with this is that so many people all over the world are struggling in spirit, mind, emotion, and even body, because they are being attacked by an enemy without even knowing the source of their burden.

I realize that this article stands small chance of getting into the hands of an unbeliever, as the unbeliever won’t likely be looking for it. However, as a believer in Jesus, and with the Spirit of God in me, I continue to write in hopes that some will find it, and find it helpful.

If you are a believer, and you find this article, I encourage you to share it with someone who isn’t a believer, as it might help them with something they are going through today.

We all have mountains in our lives

There are very few people who can honestly say that there is nothing in their life that isn’t perfect, or the way they want it. We all have something we wish could be better, or at least different. For some, this is something small that, although uncomfortable, they can live with it. For others, it’s like a big mountain that stands in their way and prevents them from getting around it.

For my family, our mountain is debt. I was foolish several years ago and took on too much debt. Although I have changed my ways, the consequence of my poor choices remains. For us, this debt is nearly crippling; at least to our spirit and hope. It has caused depression in my home, it has caused quarrels between my wife and I, and it has prevented us from being a blessing to others.

Debt is common today, and there are many families facing this issue. But there are even greater issues that people are facing; issues of great inner depression that are causing thoughts of suicide; issues of addiction that are slowly taking the health and life from those addicted; issues of broken families; issues of demonic attacks on the minds of children to the point where they are tormented and terrified.

So, what can be done about these? How can these mountains be moved?

God is the solution. The verse above speaks truth about how God can be solid ground for us and that He will carry us up and allow us to stand at the top of the mountain that we face. With God, we can conquer all. He will keep us safe as we go through the difficulties in life that come up.

God won’t necessarily keep us from encountering the mountain, but He will show us the way over it. He will go with us through the roughest patches in our lives, and if we trust Him, we will be victorious, and He will be glorified.

Satan is working to destroy us, but when we put our trust in God with whatever we’re facing, He will restore us and work it all out in a great way. But we need to seek Him and stay close to Him for this to happen.

God gives us a wide path to walk on

In general, the path that leads to life (Heaven) is very narrow compared to the path that leads to death (Hell). However, when you put your trust in God and keep your focus on Him, He widens the path and gives you stable ground and sure-footedness. Evil will tempt you on both sides of this path, and danger lurks in the ditches. Get too close to the edge and you risk falling in. But keep in the middle and maintain focus on God and you will stay upright.

God provides protection for those who follow Him. This doesn’t mean that the devil won’t attack you through thoughts of fear and troubling issues with those around you who are close to you. But it does mean that if the devil is attacking you, that you can remain upright and stand firm against the enemy.

Against your greatest will, the devil will cause adversity and chaos in your life. How you deal with these dictates your outcome. Depression starts with a thought. Anger starts with a thought. Defeat happens when your thoughts cause you to give up. And, this is the enemy’s goal.

However, if you are having a bad day and you can tell that something is working against you, you can literally call out to God and ask Him to help. He is always listening. God will help. God will give you strength in mind and spirit and He will help you stabilize in emotion. He will impart His wisdom on you in times where you need it, and He will give you direction when you need that. If it’s temptation that you are dealing with, He will give you a way of escape.

Staying on God’s path leads to right-living, which leads to good things happening. When you go on autopilot each day and hope for the best, you risk crashing. As you aren’t in control, you are literally at the mercy of whatever happens. But when you mindfully and purposely choose to seek God’s plan for your life and go to Him in prayer at the beginning of your day and throughout the day as things come up, He will keep you making good choices and heading in the right direction, all while having joy and peace in your heart.

I’m not a believer; how can I stand on the solid rock, too?

The promises of God are for followers of God. Now, just to clarify, there are many followers of a god – but which one? The universe isn’t God; it was created by God. We are not God; God lives in us and works through us.

God is the Creator of all that exists. He is above all, and is not equal to anything. He is all-powerful and is everywhere at once. He is not what we make Him to be, but is who He is. But there is a greater truth about God, one that many fail to understand: not everyone who follows God is accepted by God; not everyone who is spiritual has God’s favor on their life; not everyone who believes in God is going to Heaven.

But there is a sure way to Heaven; His name is Jesus Christ, and He is the Son of God.

Those who accept His Son are the true followers of God. Jesus Christ is the Way to the Father, who is God. The Message of Jesus Christ, although not widely accepted, is the only known true way to have a relationship with God. The way to stand on the solid rock, which is God, is to accept the Son, who is Jesus.

If you have Jesus, then you have God

John 14:6 tells us that Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Life and that nobody comes to the Father except through Him. So, if you don’t follow Jesus as your Lord, you are not a believer of the True God and you will not share in the Inheritance that is for the true children of God.

The promises of the bible do not apply to non-believers; those who have not accepted Jesus. The promises sound good, and many quote them, but without Jesus, they don’t apply. God is gracious and merciful and will accept anyone who accepts His Son. If you want to experience the fullness of God’s favor, then a relationship with Jesus is necessary.

But Jesus is God. Jesus is known as the Word of God, and in the beginning, the Word was with God, and the Word was God. Jesus is God in human form. God the Son came to earth as Jesus to take the sins of the world upon Himself. But since He was born of a human woman, many didn’t believe in Him. They said, “Aren’t you Mary and Joseph’s kid?” So, they didn’t accept Him.

But the whole New Testament is written to give account of the life of Jesus, and Jesus Himself will make Himself known to anyone who calls out to Him and accepts Him. In fact, the Spirit of God is given to any and all who accept Jesus as their Lord as a Helper and a Seal, and with this, the Holy Spirit will never leave them. That is how to have the full favor and protection of God in your life; accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.

When you have God in your life, you are safe from the devil

So, as I said, even as a Christian, bad things will happen, and the devil will attack you and your family and your circumstances. But these are only arrows fired in your direction; these are not fatal blows. When the devil attacks, you can stand firmly on the Word of God. By going to the bible and reading through the Scripture, you will find spiritual protection.

Real stuff happens to our bodies, such as sickness and broken bones; real stuff happens in our households such as financial struggles and fights between family members; and real stuff happens in our workplace such as job loss and demotion and pay cuts. These are all real, and may seem coincidental, but I would encourage you to see them as a spiritual attack from Satan.

He has the power to put things in our way and to make bad stuff happen to us. By doing this, he causes pain and discomfort, and the reason he does this is to make us curse God. When bad things happen to us, we go to God in anger and frustration and scream and yell at Him and say, “Why??” But God causes nothing bad to happen, nor does He tempt anyone.

God will allow bad things to happen, and in His eyes, even though the attack was meant for harm, God uses it in a productive way. Through the situation, if we turn to Him, He will strengthen us and help us through it and in the end, we are stronger for it. We might get a few bumps and bruises, but we won’t be defeated.

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Next time something bad happens, through wisdom and maturity, we will go to God much sooner and with greater faith that this is simply another trial and that this attack from the enemy will end in our victory with God.

If you have anything bad happening to you in your life, consider it to be spiritual warfare. If the off-chance that it isn’t, it doesn’t hurt to get in the habit of turning to God. The more time you spend with God each day, the more natural it will be to turn to Him with issues and the adversities of your life. This is His Will for you, and this is what pleases Him.


God is stable ground and God is protection. He is safety in the midst of trouble, and He is the solution when there is a problem. He is a defender of His children against all that stand against them, and He is the one who is already victorious over the devil.

This article wants to show you that, even with struggles and difficulties and uncertainties in life, you can have peace and joy and stability. It wants you to understand that there is a spiritual war going on around you and in you and this is for your soul; where you will spend eternity. Life isn’t primarily about how to deal with difficulties each day, but instead, about getting prepared for our eternal lives.

Jesus is the Way to Heaven. Jesus is a strong foundation, on which you can trust and build your home and life on. Raising your family on the stable ground of Jesus is the way to keep the devil from destroying your family. Making Jesus an integral part of your life is the way to keep the devil from destroying your own life.

The people who find and accept Jesus are the people who God calls His children. These are the people who will inherit the Eternal Kingdom of God and the favor of God. These are the people who will be truly victorious in this life and in this spiritual battle.

If you don’t have a relationship with Jesus, you can follow this link (Prayer for Salvation) to find out how. Also, if you need prayer for your life or your family, click here to send in your prayer request. My wife and I would love to pray for you.

Take care!

Scripture taken from the New King James Version®. Copyright © 1982 by Thomas Nelson. Used by permission. All rights reserved.

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