Did You Know That You Were Born To Win?

Psalm 51:5
“For I was born a sinner—
yes, from the moment my mother conceived me.”

Every one of us was made by God, formed by His very hand and mind. We were designed to be victorious and to excel, but we were also born into sin. Adam was the first man, who was not born of sin, but who sinned first after he was tempted by Satan. Through him, sin was established on earth. All who were born thereafter were born with a sinful nature.

Yes, our default nature is to sin. There is no escaping this. This also helps explain why it seems so much easier to do wrong than good. Sin seems very natural to many, but to God, it’s an act of disobedience and poor behavior. But, if we are born to sin, then why does it upset Him? Because we were not born to sin; we were born into sin. God created us to win, not sin.

This article wants to encourage people that they can have victory in their lives. This isn’t necessarily about jobs and finances and other items of worldly wealth, but of the battle that lies within. This is important because the battle that exists between God and Satan is the battle that is within each of us. This spiritual battle is for our souls, and if we are unsuspecting, we will be tossed all over the place in a flurry of emotion. Some days will be good, and some will be terrible.

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I want to share that Satan is fighting hard to take you down. First, by putting thoughts of discouragement and fear into your mind, and second, by separating you from a relationship with God. If Satan can get you away from God, then he can get you away from the strength of God. Apart from God, you are weak. But when you are with God, Satan is weak.

You can have victory in this life; victory in spirit, in mind, and in body, and for eternity. This is done through a relationship with Jesus Christ.

5 verses to show that, with Christ, you were born into victory

These verses help encourage all of us that even in this dark world where hurt happens, we can still win. We might have to go through some hard times, but we don’t have to be destroyed by them. God wants to help us through all that we face in life; whether a result of our poor choices or by no fault of ours.

Regardless of what you might go through in your lifetime, the Will of God is that you persevere and that you come out victorious; stronger in faith and with more endurance. This is why God allows you to go through hard times or for difficult things to happen to you. It’s not because He is a bad Father and wasn’t paying attention; it’s because God knows that you have the power and capability to get through everything He allows in your life. If it’s something that is too much for you to truly handle, He will not allow you to go through it.

God’s plan is not to allow you to be destroyed, but to grow you and teach you and bring you to a place of spiritual maturity and wisdom. His ultimate goal is to bring you into Eternal Life through Jesus, His Son. These verses primarily show how you can have victory in your life when you accept Jesus as Lord and Savior. That is God’s Will for your life.

Ephesians 2:10
“For we are God’s masterpiece. He has created us anew in Christ Jesus, so we can do the good things he planned for us long ago.”

This verse tells us that not only did God create us, but that He created us for a purpose. Every single person was created to do something for the Kingdom of God.

Is there anything that you can think of that you are especially good at? A skill that you can use in combination with sharing the Message of Jesus Christ? That is what God is talking about here when He says, “So we can do the good things He planned for us long ago.”

Right from the beginning, God’s hope was for His creation to accept His Son and inherit Eternal Life and Salvation. He equipped each of us with all we need to follow Jesus, and He equipped Jesus with all the power, authority, and dominion over Satan and everything. This means, when we accept Jesus as Lord, we are then equipped with all that Jesus has.

What would you do differently if you woke up believing that you have unlimited power and authority in your life? If you have Jesus in your heart, you already have unlimited power and authority in your life.

Now, just to clarify; this isn’t power to jump over large buildings and to pick up freight trains, nor is it authority to make people do whatever you command; instead, it’s power and authority to trample over Satan and to send him and his demons away. However, the bible does say that even with a faith the size of a mustard seed, that we can tell a mountain to move, and it must.

Either way, this life is about our spiritual growth and victory. Satan will get in your head and make a huge mess if you don’t kick him out and keep him out. God has prepared you to go to battle against the enemy with the power and authority of Christ Jesus in you. When the devil tries to discourage you and make you feel down or bad about yourself or scared about something, rebuke him and send him away.

2 Corinthians 5:17
“This means that anyone who belongs to Christ has become a new person. The old life is gone; a new life has begun!”

When we were born into sin, we weren’t meant to remain there. The hope is that our parents would know Jesus and would teach us about Him, too. Of course, not all parents teach their kids about Jesus. God wants us to hear the Message of Christ and accept Him. He wants us to do this as soon as possible in our lives.

Satan starts working in our minds right from day one. Most professionals will say that we are most teachable for the first five or six years. And, guess what? Satan knows this. So, he starts early. He goes to work on children, showing them how to live.

As kids grow up, they watch their parents. They are always at a stage of learning, but also, they are vulnerable. As children grow into teens, they are trying to figure out how they fit in and where they belong. They are looking for ways to qualify them as good and intelligent and useful and lovable and meant for purpose.

But what happens when they don’t find this? What happens when Satan gets in their head and starts telling them that they’re losers and no good and not good at anything and only fail and that they aren’t lovable and that nobody would miss them?

I’m not exaggerating here; this is what Satan does. And, when he does, we listen. This is because we all want to know that we’re good and that we’re necessary in life. So, when we repeatedly hear that we aren’t, we crash. Our spirit gets crushed and we lose hope. We might turn to self-hate, and even worse, we might turn against God thinking that He has abandoned us or hates us.

It is vitally important for us to come to know Jesus as early as possible, and when we do, to understand that we have new life. This new life comes with strength and power and victory over the devil. We must then die to this old way of thinking and living, and take on a new lifestyle; one where there is no self-hate or discouragement in God.

1 Corinthians 15:57
“But thank God! He gives us victory over sin and death through our Lord Jesus Christ.”

When Jesus died on the cross and was raised up three days later, He took the power back from Satan. Through Jesus’ blood that was shed on the cross, we were bought by Him. Those who accept this and believe this and confess Jesus as their Lord share in this victory.

The enemy will always work to make us feel like we are losers and are destined for Hell. When you have Jesus in your heart, you are destined for Heaven. There is nothing that can prevent that. This is what victory means; Jesus already won the battle. We are living our life and we are stuck in spiritual warfare, but we are fighting in a battle that has effectively already been won.

But for a time, Satan is given time to go around the world doing his work. God wants for us to choose Him, and He has equipped us with all we need to be successful in this. But Satan will use his time wisely, as it’s limited. His goal is to deceive people into believing that life is about money and power and fame and relationships and fun.

What’s important to understand is that God will give us many of these things when we live for Him and seek to do His Will. Through much good choices and good stewardship, and in the wisdom of the Lord, we can accomplish much in life.

The problem with Satan’s strategy is that he will make us focus on these things so much that we lose sight of everything else, including God. This is also why he makes some people rich and gives popularity to others; to make them feel good about themselves and to feel like they have security. But they won’t be able to stand against the hand of God’s Judgment.

If we take our focus off of God, then Satan will win. We are strong in Christ; not alone. We must team up with the one who has already won the war.

Deuteronomy 20:4

“For the LORD your God is going with you! He will fight for you against your enemies, and he will give you victory!”

Living for Jesus might not be the popular choice among friends and family. Not much of society accepts Jesus, especially, these days. But God will give you strength to accomplish His work through you. God will give you peace in your life, and He will maintain you.

The reality is, most Christians end up needing to find new friends, and even their family members may distance themselves. But that is why God wants the church body to fellowship and lean on each other. This new life in Christ often means a new life overall.

But this shouldn’t be a discouragement. Instead, you can have an inner joy from God that no one else can get. You can have happiness deep in your soul while dealing with your harshest situations. No matter what anyone says or does to you; if you stand in the presence of the Lord, then He will uphold you.

He will count you as righteous and He will maintain your place in the Book of Life. Knowing this should be an encouragement. For many who are still under the impression that life in this world is the only thing that matters, those people will not be too worried about the Message of Jesus. Instead, their interest will be in comfort and personal gain.

So, when they see you worshiping the Lord and praying and speaking highly of the things God is doing in your life, don’t be surprised when they laugh and mock you and don’t want to hang around you. And, this is exactly what Jesus said would happen when He said that if you love Him that the world will hate you, just as the world hated Him first (John 15:18).

We don’t need to find our worth in mankind, but in God. It’s Him who knows who we are and who has a plan for us. If you want to win in life, seek God’s plan for your life and start living according to that. God will protect you and lead you to victory when you do this.

1 John 5:4-5
“For every child of God defeats this evil world, and we achieve this victory through our faith. And who can win this battle against the world? Only those who believe that Jesus is the Son of God.”

The acceptance of Jesus is the only way into Heaven and Eternal Life. Some people believe that this is single-minded thinking and that there are many ways into Heaven. Don’t be deceived. If you don’t accept Christ, you don’t share His inheritance.

Those who deny the life that Satan offers, and instead choose Christ Jesus are rewarded with a rich inheritance of the Spirit of God and Salvation. God has a great life for anyone who chooses Jesus over Satan. People say, “I didn’t say I choose Satan; I just don’t choose Jesus.” The effect is the same. To deny Jesus is to deny God. Without the Spirit of God, there is only a spirit of Satan.

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The bible is there to teach us and inform us so that we won’t be left in the dark. We must be willing to read the bible and to spend time learning who we are when we are in Christ. The whole story of Heaven and Hell and Jesus and God and Satan is bothersome to those who want to enjoy life and do what pleases them. Yes, living for Christ means denying self. But the outcome is far better for those who deny themselves a little pleasure now.

Eternity is a long time. You don’t have to allow life to dictate where you will spend yours. Make a decision to follow Jesus and you will have peace of mind about where you will be going. Not only that, but live according to God’s Will and He will give you His protection now. That’s how you can gain victory in your life today.


In this article, I wanted to show you that Jesus is the victor over Satan. I wanted to show you that Satan is trying to destroy everyone, but that God is offering a lifeline. And, that lifeline is a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

God is offering victory to anyone who is willing to accept it. He created you with an ability to win against the enemy and live a victorious life. He created you to have a life of inner joy and peace. He gave you the bible to study so that you would know how to live and how to make good choices. And, when you walk closely with God, He also gives you wisdom, knowledge, understanding, and discernment. With these, you can’t help but win; inside and out!

If you don’t have a relationship with Jesus, you can follow this link (Prayer for Salvation) to find out how. Also, if you need prayer for your life or your family, click here to send in your prayer request. My wife and I would love to pray for you.

Take care!

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