Are You Fit For Service For God?

Matthew 28:19-20
“Therefore, go and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Teach these new disciples to obey all the commands I have given you. And be sure of this: I am with you always, even to the end of the age.”

Just like the disciples of Jesus’ time were given instruction to share the Good News of Jesus Christ, so we are, too, today. The bible is a timeless piece written to instruct the children of God on how they are expected to live according to God.

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Just like everything, time changed the way people interacted with the bible. The problem is, the bible isn’t technology that needed updating, nor was it intended to conform to our times. Even today, the Message of Jesus is the same as it was at His crucifixion. Sadly, there are many churches preaching a word; just not the true Word.

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Jesus is the Word. John 1:1 tells us that this is true. Regardless of where we went wrong, God is still expecting us to get it right, as we will be dealt with on Judgment Day, which appears to be coming soon, by the way.

So, what is the Message of Jesus?

God the Son came to earth and was born of a virgin. He was named Jesus. He was appointed to grow up and live among the people and teach for a time. At the appointed time, He gave His life on the cross to pay the penalty for the sins we committed. He became the ultimate atonement and final sacrifice for our sins. Three days later, God the Father raised Him back to life, and with this, He overcame the power of sin and death once and for all.

Now, we don’t need to sacrifice animals or shed blood to be right with God. Instead, we must only put our trust and belief in Jesus that He is Lord and Savior and that He was raised from the dead. Belief in the Son of God is the only way to Heaven (John 14:6).

Romans 10:9-10
“If you openly declare that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved. For it is by believing in your heart that you are made right with God, and it is by openly declaring your faith that you are saved.”

We were given skills and talents and gifts to do good works

Ephesians 2:10
“For we are God’s masterpiece. He has created us anew in Christ Jesus, so we can do the good things he planned for us long ago.”

In addition to Salvation, we were created with purpose. God designed each of us in a unique way, that we would be able to serve in the body of Christ, which is the church body. We were each given various strengths that are beneficial to fellow believers. This is why we are called to fellowship in a church; so that we can lean on each other and strengthen one another.

Proverbs 27:17
“As iron sharpens iron,
so a friend sharpens a friend.”

When we stay home and do our own thing, or, when we live a life that pleases only us, we are effectively wasting the talent that God gave us. We must understand that we are here by the grace of God; not because of some freak of nature event known to man as Evolution.

We might not feel like we are good enough to go out and do big things and have big ministries, and this is fine. If God hasn’t called you to preach or to have a big ministry, you should avoid such things. Only those who are anointed by God should teach the Word of God or have a ministry, as these people will be judged more harshly by the Lord (James 3:1).

However, sharing the Message of Jesus and sharing our faith in Christ with others is everyone’s basic calling. Whatever our skill set and spiritual gifting from the Lord is, we are called to use those to help others in the church. None of us are exempt, nor are any of us given a free pass to coast through life. We will all be judged for the good or evil we have done. It’s important to look into this for yourself.

Being spiritually fit means living a life that is pleasing to the Lord

2 Corinthians 6:16-18
“And what union can there be between God’s temple and idols? For we are the temple of the living God. As God said:
‘I will live in them
and walk among them.
I will be their God,
and they will be my people.
Therefore, come out from among unbelievers,
and separate yourselves from them, says the LORD.
Don’t touch their filthy things,
and I will welcome you.
And I will be your Father,
and you will be my sons and daughters,
says the LORD Almighty.’”

Being right with God, being saved Salvation through Jesus, and doing good works out of our love for God is part of the equation. Also, we are called to live a life apart from sin. Jesus died for our sins and when we accept Him as Lord and Savior, we are forgiven for the sins we have committed, and we are given the Holy Spirit as a Helper. However, this doesn’t mean that we can’t sin. God can’t sin, but we still can.

This means, when we do sin, we grieve the Spirit of God in us (Ephesians 4:29-32). But thanks to God’s Grace, we can come to the Lord and confess such sin and ask forgiveness. God is faithful and will forgive. He will even blot our sins out of His memory and remember them no more. However, we must confess them and repent from them.

Until we finally fly away from this earth, we will be under the attack of Satan. He is always going to try to tempt us and to put certain false thoughts into our minds. The problem with sinning is that it starts to cloud our minds. When we walk solely for the Lord, and not in sin, God gives us clarity. We can hear Him speak to us and direct us. However, when we allow sin to manifest in our lives too much, we start to lose focus of God, and His voice, and we grow weak in faith. This is a dangerous position to be in.

It’s through the constant communication and fellowship with Jesus each day that we grow strong in faith and discernment. Reading the bible daily and praying and worshiping God are the paths to right standing with God. Abandonment of these things leads to sinful living, which ultimately can lead to death.

Following Jesus may bring persecution, but we should not fear this

1 Peter 3:13-15
“Now, who will want to harm you if you are eager to do good? But even if you suffer for doing what is right, God will reward you for it. So, don’t worry or be afraid of their threats. Instead, you must worship Christ as Lord of your life. And if someone asks about your hope as a believer, always be ready to explain it.”

It’s no secret; if we follow Jesus, the world will hate us. Isn’t this exactly what Jesus said in Matthew 10:22?
So, we are called to boldly proclaim the Message of Christ, not fearing what man can or might do to us. Our reward is in Heaven, just like the above Scripture tells us. We are told to spend our time worshiping Jesus as Lord of our life. This means, instead of worrying about what someone said about us and our faith, we are to bring glory to God through songs of worship and praise and spend much time exalting Him in our lives.

Also, we must remember that fear itself is a spirit that is not from the Lord God, but from Satan. If we are experiencing fear in our life, we must understand that it’s the work of the enemy, and it’s up to us to rebuke the devil and cast him away from us in Jesus’ Name.

We are in spiritual warfare regardless of where we are or what we’re doing. The enemy is warring for our souls and to bring separation between us and God. Also, God is warring for us to follow Him and avoid the temptations of the enemy so that we can enjoy Eternal Life in Heaven with Him.

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This warfare that is going on isn’t something that we can see, as it’s spiritual, but we are a part of it. I suppose we can see certain spirits manifest themselves in the way people act, but overall, it’s a battle that takes place in the spiritual realm and even right in our minds.

Fortunately, Ephesians 6:10-17 tells us about this and gives us God’s Armor to put on. By putting on the full armor of God each day, we can be better equipped to stand firm against the attacks of the enemy.


Being fit for the service of God requires us to be sober-minded and with clear conscience. If you are engaging in a life of sin, Jesus is calling on you to come to Him and choose His way. He will accept you in any condition, as He is the Great Physician and Healer. It’s Jesus alone who can forgive your sins and offer Salvation.

If you don’t currently have a relationship with Jesus, I encourage you to seek Him out and invite Him into your life to be your Lord. If you are currently a Christian, but have become lukewarm or distant from God, I encourage you to make a choice today to get right with Jesus and find out what His purpose is for your life. I am confident that He will start putting opportunities in front of you, new believer or established believer. But it takes willingness from you to be obedient.

God can use anyone to do His work, and if you won’t do it, He will find another person. But what rewards are you forfeiting by not participating; what blessings are you giving up? The bible tells us that we will be rewarded for our works and that we should work to store up treasures in Heaven.

Are you fit for service for the Lord? Are you ready to build up treasures in Heaven and be in a position to receive a reward? Turn to Jesus and live as a light in this dark world. That’s what we’re created for; that’s what truly pleases God!

If you don’t have a relationship with Jesus, you can follow this link (Prayer for Salvation) to find out how. Also, if you need prayer for your life or your family, click here to send in your prayer request. My wife and I would love to pray for you.

Take care!

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  1. “The problem with sinning is that it starts to cloud our minds. When we walk solely for the Lord, and not in sin, God gives us clarity.”

    It’s easy to miss this simple truth… especially when our minds our clouded.

    Thank you for your encouragement!


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